About Texas Land

If you are looking for owner finance Central Texas land then you are in the right place. Many of the San Antonio and Austin Acreage that we sell are for sale by owner finance. Central Texas Land, including Austin land and San Antonio land is still reasonably priced relative to other highly populated states. Central Texas Land has a variety of terrains including rocky hill country, flat treeless farm land, and rolling oak covered sandy loam. Within 60 miles one can find each type of terrain.

Our Financing Options

* Owner financing
* Bank financing
* Texas Veterans Land Board


"I found it really easy and comforting working with Zach getting our property with Tx-land.com. He met with us, showed us the property and explained the whole process. I was able to get a Texas Land Loan wich was really easy and not painfull at all! Now we're a proud owner of 20 acres of the most beatiful texas land out there at a price im proud of."

Timothy Worley
20 Acres South San Antonio

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