TX Land Financing Options

We allow for several different financing options to fit anyone's needs. The options are:

Owner Financing

Often we provide financing for our buyers. Owner financing provides the buyer with several benefits including: For more information, please contact us.

* NO credits checks
* Low money down
* Short wait to obtain land

Bank Financing

In order to qualify for bank financing the buyer will need good credit and good employment history. We have special relationships with our lenders. Call me for a list of great lenders!! They provide the following advantages:

* Lower interest rates
* Approval usually within one day
* Often only 15% down

Capital Farm Credit

Capital Farm Credit is a customer-owned cooperative, providing financing to rural landowners, country homeowners, agricultural operators and agribusiness firms throughout Texas.

Texas Veteran Land Board Financing

If you have served in the military based out of Texas you may qualify for for special financing from the Texas Veterans Land Board. Click here for more information.