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We sell Texas Veteran Land. Our land qualifies for financing under the Texas Veterans Land Board. You Can finance up to $80,000 of land with 5% down if you qualify for Texas Veteran Land.

If you are a Veteran and qualify, The Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) will finance the tract of land in which you are interested. It takes approximately 45 days to close a loan, provided all necessary documentation is submitted timely and there are no unusual situations associated with the purchase. We have listed the basic requirements below.

To be eligible to participate in the Texas Veterans Land for Sale, an applicant must have:

Served no fewer than 90 cumulative days on active duty or active duty training in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or United States Public Health Service, or recognized reserve component of one of the listed branches of service (unless discharged sooner due to service-connected cause), OR completed all initial active duty training required as a condition of service in any National Guard or reserve component of one of the listed branches of service, OR served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975 (ARVN - Housing Assistance Program or Home Improvement Program only).

Members of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam who served between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975 may be eligible to participate in the Housing and Home Improvement Loan Programs. These veterans are NOT eligible for the Land Loan Program.)

Served after September 16, 1940.

Not been dishonorably discharged. A person who has been discharged from the branch of the service in which the person served or from the National Guard is considered not to have been dishonorably discharged if the person: (1) received an honorable discharge; (2) received a discharge under honorable conditions; or (3) received a discharge and provides evidence from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, its successor, or other competent authority that indicates that the character of the person's discharge has been determined to be other than dishonorable.

Listed Texas as the home of record at the time of entry into the military OR must have been a legal resident of Texas for at least twelve consecutive months immediately prior to filing an application OR be on active military duty, stationed in Texas, and have changed his/her state of legal residency to Texas. The applicant must also be a bona fide resident of Texas at the time the application is made. (A "bona fide resident" is someone who is living in Texas with the intent to remain in Texas.) This may include a Texas resident currently serving on active military duty outside of Texas. Presence in Texas due solely to military service may not establish bona fide residency.

Successfully repaid any previous Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) loan.

In Order to qualify for Tex Vet Land the Veteran must have AT LEAST a five percent down payment invested as cash equity in the property. At closing the purchase price will be paid as follows:

The loan amount by VLB warrant.

Five percent of the purchase price (down payment) with certified funds from the veteran.

If applicable, any amount in excess of the above two (difference money) with certified funds from the veteran.

Request a land application by calling toll free 1-800-252-8387 (VETS) or you can download your application or you can apply online.

After receiving the packet, veteran and seller prepare and submit to the VLB all of the required forms and documentation, and appraisal and contract fees due at the time of application.

Land loan processing time may vary, depending on the accuracy and completeness of your application packet and the timely submission of required documents and information.

Texas Veterans Land for Sale.