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10 Reasons to Invest in Land in Texas

Looking for solid ground in the midst of all the chaos?  Investing in land is one the safest options out there.

Why is buying land a good investment?  The value of land in Texas is reaching record highs and continually increasing as movement to this region continues to increase.

As a result, over the long term, it is extremely likely that the value of land will continue to climb! Owning land is an investment that won’t go way.  In the wise words of Mark Twain, “Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.” Here Twain speaks to the heartbeat of the American Dream, the desire to own and invest in something that lasts. Businesses fail, jobs can come and go, but land will never fade away. While there isn’t such a thing as a full-proof investment, land is about as close as you can get, and Texas is an extremely viable option!

1) You can’t make more Land

As mentioned above land is a scarce resource because more of it can’t be created. Buildings can be built, money can be made, but land isn’t created. This alone makes land an ideal investment; people will always need places to live. Anything that is limited, is inherently of greater value!

2) History doesn’t lie, and neither do current trends!

Land has always been an investment because cities are always expanding, and the value of land constantly goes up. Particularly, right now the value of land is climbing! The Texas rural land business, upon the outset of 2021, boasted an unprecedented annualized total dollar volume of about 2 billion dollars, which was an increase of over 38%.  According to a press release from Dr. Charles Gilliland, a research economist and rural land expert for the Texas Real Estate Research Center at Texas A&M University, “These developments mark one of the most active times in the history of Texas land markets as urban-based buyers seek out rural retreats,” Gilliland said. “The pandemic-inspired lockdown prompted a growing number of individuals to review their lives and seek out a more relaxed mode of living.  Land has long been a commodity, and now more than ever is great time to invest in something that is historically profitable. “

buying land and investing in the future

3) Texas is the 2nd fastest growing state in America

Texas is only 2nd to Florida in population in the last 5 years.  Migration trends forecast Texas to continue this trend for the foreseeable future.  Many large businesses like Tesla are making Texas it’s home which will bring jobs and population growth with it.

4) Investing in Land has tangible benefits.

Land can be used for a ranch, ranchette, agriculture, recreation, hunting, and just enjoying time outdoors. Experience a type of liberty you have never before felt and trade city lights for nights under canopies of stars.  Why not enjoy your investment while it appreciates!

5) Low in maintenance, high in value

Land is inexpensive to maintain! You don’t need to worry about utility bills or pipes breaking or replacing an ac unit, or a ceiling to renovate. Land is low maintenance and high in value! Even taxes can often be mitigated with agricultural tax valuation.

6) Lower competition for investment

Compared to the housing market and renovation investment, investing in land has lower competition from real-estate investors. This means that there is lower risk that prices will become inflated by bidding wars or losing on an investment! Land is a much more open investment venture.

7) Love your mental health? Buy land!

Something about owning land brings about peace of mind. Its tangible, and it can’t be taken away or stolen. If you want an investment that will decrease your anxiety rather than raise it, consider buying land!

8) Lots Of Areas To Invest

When considering areas to look at, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, are some to check out as they are in the top 10 growing metroplexes in the nation, with Austin coming in as the number 1!  Obviously, there will be variance depending on locations, but these are some of the faster growing areas to start with. Texas economy is strong and increasing and people are catching on, which makes it a great place to invest your money and resources.

9) Buy low, Sell high

Look for areas that are affordable but have projected future growth and a good economy. Oftentimes, these investments will be in lower-priced neighborhoods or outside of town. Do your research and consider both past growth and future potential!

10)  Rural Land is a Great Place to Live

Searching for some peace and quiet, look no further than country living. Ditch the traffic and noise, for freedom to experience a slow pace lifestyle.  If you have grown wary of traffic, city controls, poor air quality, and reduced safety the country lifestyle is for you!  Breathe in fresh, unpolluted air and enjoy nature in a new way. Explore land that you own and taste the goodness of rural living! Living in a crowd can feel strangely isolating, but escaping to the country provides a sense of belonging that can’t be explained.

As you can see, land is the investment that keeps on giving. Buy land in Texas and allow your resources to give back to you! Good luck and happy land buying! If you have interest in investing in land close to city amenities check out our properties by clicking here.