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There is a big demand for properties with water features, but the supply is often limited. If you are looking to buy land in Texas, consider including a pond in your search. Lakes and ponds make great additions to any property. What makes small lakes or farm ponds so desirable?

Here are a few benefits a property owner can expect:

Rest & Relaxation: This is it! You have had a busy work week and now it is time to wind down. Grab your favorite refreshing beverage and head outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of tranquil water.

Family Fun: A pond makes a great place to gather with family. You do not have to travel far when you have your own place to swim, fish, stand-up paddle board and kayak. Satisfy outdoor adventure and fun for everyone!

Wildlife Habitat: A variety of wildlife will naturally gravitate to the water. Ponds provide shelter and water to wildlife and support native plants. You can expect to have visits from birds and waterfowl, turtles, frogs and underwater wildlife.

Water Storage: A pond provides a natural holding tank for rainwater and runoff. It can be used as an accessible watering hole for horses, sheep, goats and cattle. Another great use is for garden or crop irrigation during dry months.

Property Value: Finally, land with a water feature always adds to its value. If the time ever comes to sell your property, having a pond will certainly be a key selling point.

There are many benefits to having a pond on your property from recreational to practical. It can also impact the monetary value of your land. With all these pond pros having a water feature is definitely something to consider!

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