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Being a Texan is something to be proud of. We love our country and we love our state, we have a different way of seeing the world, but what is it really that makes any of us a true Texan? Being born here, living in this great state is not enough, there are some things that just make you Texan, here are our picks.

We HAVE to take our pictures with the Bluebonnets

Every year without fail. Spring arrives, the grass stops being mowed, and the Bluebonnets come out. A real Texan and quite possibly their dog or their child is to be found sitting in a field somewhere, having their picture taken with the flowers. It is not uncommon to see an entire photo shoot set up right there amongst the wildflowers.  Everywhere you go, any road you drive down, there are the real Texans, sitting in a field of blue.

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Chili – No Beans

If you are arguing about this, you are NOT a real Texan. There are no beans in chili. The official state dish, chili is food from heaven, and everyone’s family has their own recipe. Of course, every recipe is the best chili in the world too. Apart from those that include beans. Because that isn’t chili at all.  Spoken like a true Texan.  If you’re curious, try Chilifest sometime, a weekend celebration of everything chili, held in Snook, TX. There are no beans.

Breakfast Tacos are a normal thing

A Texan loves Mexican food, so much so that we started calling it Tex-Mex and pretending its our own. But most importantly, a Texan can eat a breakfast taco like it’s as normal as eggs and bacon. Practically every café or self respecting food establishment in Texas has a breakfast taco to boast about.  It might be one of our main food groups.

We panic at the sight of snow

Texas is the best place on earth, but it’s no use pretending otherwise, we can’t handle the snow. The first snowfall of the year will see half of us struggling to control our cars on the road, while the other half are wandering round in parkas and shorts unsure what to really do.   That being said, there isn’t a Texan out there that doesn’t use the snowflake as an excuse to play hooky for work and marvel at the few non-sticking flakes we got!

We use time to measure distance

If someone asks you how far it is to cross the state, you tell them 12 hours. How far is it from Dallas to Houston? Five hours. Miles are for smaller states, we deal in time. We have no clue how many miles it is to anywhere, but how long it takes? Now you’re talking.

We love Football

And of course we could not leave this one off. Football. You either love it or you’re not a Texan. High school, college, professional, it doesn’t matter, we just love football. There are high school football stadiums in Texas that put professional teams to shame.  We are proud of our teams and will support and follow them matter the cost.  Because we know football is a Texan way of life.

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We take pride in our Texas Land

The Texas landscape is something that a true Texan takes pride in. From the rolling hills of pasture to the grove of majestic Oaks to the grazing cattle, Texas landowners own a piece of heaven.  Ranches, farms, acreage, 1 acre lots, 100 acre lots, there is beauty in all.  We do not discriminate!  From the Chisos Mountains to the east Texas pines, Texas offers a landscape like no other.  This is why buying land is part of a true Texan’s dream.  There are many more things that we do that make us all uniquely Texan, we are unfailingly polite, and we have our own language that at times has little resemblance to the rest of the country. But most of all, we love Texas and everyone in it.   We support each other like no other and in times like these, our Texas hospitality and loyalty shines.  Click here for more on Texas Pride.


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