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What Are the Top 10 Reasons Land Investors Choose Texas?

In a world filled with uncertainty, land investors seek stable and secure opportunities for their portfolios. Land investment in Texas stands out as one of the most reliable and sensible choices for those looking to solidify their financial future.

In the wise words of Mark Twain, “Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.” This sentiment resonates with the core of the American Dream — the desire to own and invest in a lasting asset. Businesses may falter and jobs may turn over, but land withstands time’s fickle nature. Here are the top 10 reasons Texas land should be a primary pursuit for every person thinking about land investment.

1) You can’t make more land

For land investors, the appeal of land lies in its scarcity; it’s the one commodity that can’t be manufactured. To re-iterate Twain’s sentiment in different words, buildings can be built, money can be made, but land isn’t created. This alone makes land an ideal investment; people will always need places to live. Anything that is in limited supply is inherently of greater value. In Texas, where the skies are as vast as the opportunities, land is not just an investment—it’s a legacy.

2) History doesn’t lie, and neither do current trends

Throughout history, land has proven to be a lucrative investment as cities continue to expand, driving up its value. Presently, the value of land is on a significant upward trajectory. As of the beginning of 2021, the Texas rural land market witnessed an astounding annualized total dollar volume of approximately 2 billion dollars, marking a remarkable increase of over 38%. According to a press release by Dr. Charles Gilliland, a research economist and rural land expert at the Texas Real Estate Research Center, Texas A&M University, this is one of the busiest eras in the history of Texas land markets as urban-based buyers actively search for rural retreats. The lockdown measures, inspired by the pandemic, have prompted a growing number of individuals to reassess their lifestyles and pursue a more relaxed way of living. Land has always been a valuable asset, and now, more than ever, it presents a tremendous opportunity to invest in something historically profitable.

3) Texas is the 2nd fastest growing state in America

Texas emerged as the second most populous state in the last five years, closely following Florida. This population surge is projected to persist in the foreseeable future, thanks to ongoing migration trends. Notably, esteemed companies like Tesla have chosen to call Texas home, fueling job opportunities and further attracting an influx of residents.

4) Investing in Land has tangible benefits

Unlock the potential of your land: a canvas for ranching, agriculture, recreation, hunting, and simply basking in the great outdoors. Embrace a newfound sense of freedom and exchange city lights for nights under celestial canopies. Experience the joy of your investment appreciating while relishing in its beauty!

5) Low in maintenance, high in value

Maintenance costs for land are significantly lower compared to other types of properties. There is no need to fret over utility bills, plumbing issues, or AC replacements. Even renovations like fixing a ceiling become irrelevant. Land requires minimal upkeep while retaining high value. Furthermore, agricultural tax valuation often assists in mitigating tax burdens associated with land ownership.

6) Lower competition for investment

Unlike the housing market and renovation investment, investing in land experiences less competition from real estate investors. As a result, the risk of prices being inflated by bidding wars or facing losses on investments is significantly lower. Investing in land presents a more accessible and open opportunity for investment.

7) Love your mental health? Buy land!

Owning land brings a profound sense of peace and stability to the mind, body, and soul. It offers a tangible asset that is impervious to theft or loss. If you’re looking for an investment that brings peace instead of stress, contemplate the notion of purchasing a piece of land where you can unwind and rest in the knowledge that you’re building a valuable legacy.

8) Lots Of Areas To Invest

When considering potential areas to explore, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin are among the top 10 rapidly expanding metroplexes in the nation. Notably, Austin has secured the number 1 spot! While there may be variations depending on specific locations, these regions offer promising growth opportunities. The Texas economy demonstrates strength and continuous growth, attracting more and more individuals who recognize its potential. Investing your money and resources in Texas could prove to be a wise decision due to these factors.

9) Buy low, Sell high

When seeking affordable areas with promising growth and a strong economy, it’s often wise to explore neighborhoods that offer lower prices or lie outside the main city. Proper research is crucial, taking into account both historical growth and future potential.

10) Rural Land is a Great Place to Live

Escape the hustle and bustle, and find true tranquility in the countryside. Leave behind the chaos, noise, and congestion of the city, and embrace a slower-paced lifestyle. If you’re tired of dealing with traffic, city regulations, air pollution, and safety concerns, country living is your answer! Indulge in the crisp, unpolluted air and discover the wonders of nature. Explore your land and savor the joys of rural life. While living in a crowded place can feel isolating, moving to the countryside offers a sense of belonging that words can’t capture.

Texas Land is the investment that keeps on giving. Land investors won’t regret choosing Texas land to call home. Good luck and happy land-buying! If you’re interested in city-close properties, explore our properties by clicking below.

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