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Easy Owner Financing for Texas Land


What Is Land Owner Financing?

Purchasing anything of significant value is rarely a straightforward task, particularly when financing is in the equation. For anyone looking to become a landowner, securing a loan comes with a whole new set of considerations and difficulties, and it can feel overwhelming knowing what option is best for you.

Owner financing offers a straightforward and hassle-free method for financing your land purchase. Instead of going through a bank or mortgage company, you work directly with the property owner. Owner-financed land, also known as “seller financing,” offers an alternative to traditional bank loans. With this setup, you make payments directly to the seller until you’ve paid off the purchase. No need for a third-party financial institution. The owner provides simple terms, the land itself acts as collateral.


Buying land should be straightforward and affordable. We offer landowner financing to make your purchase easier. Here’s what you need to know about our owner-financing process:

Select Your Land

Browse our properties that are eligible for seller financing and pick the one that’s just right for you.

Agree on Terms

Discuss and agree on the loan details with the property owner.

Down Payment

A low down payment is all you need to secure your property investment.

Monthly Payments

Send your monthly payments to the seller’s servicer directly.

Complete the Loan

Continue with the payments until you’ve paid off the loan at which point you will own the property free and clear.

Advantages of Land Owner Financing

Easier Process

It’s simpler to qualify for owner financing than a traditional bank loan. This can be especially helpful if your income is irregular or if you’re self-employed.

Lower Down Payments

Owner financing might require less money upfront compared to banks, which often want at least 20% down.

Faster Ownership

With less paperwork and no bank approvals needed, you can get your land faster.

Reduced Closing Costs

You could save money on closing costs because there are fewer administrative fees without a bank in the mix.

Simple Paperwork

One of the biggest perks is the significantly reduced amount of paperwork to fill out.

Four Tips for a Smooth Owner Financing Land Purchase in Texas

Owner financing is a popular alternative to traditional bank loans for buying land. It’s important to be mindful of a few key points to ensure a trouble-free purchase.

By keeping these points in mind, you can enjoy the journey from land purchase to property owner without unexpected complications.

1) Check Building Restrictions

Before buying land with owner financing, understand any rules about what you can build. Restrictions may include building size or location on the land. Knowing these details helps ensure the land meets your needs.

2) Understand Loan Details

Don’t just focus on the land’s price; pay attention to the loan’s terms too. This includes the interest rate, loan duration, and any additional fees. Also, check if there are penalties for paying off the loan early. At Lonestar Land Sales, we aim for transparency to ensure you’re clear on all terms.

3) Check for Prepayment Penalties.

Although owner financing often has fewer hurdles than bank loans, some sellers may still require credit checks. Always ask upfront about any approval requirements.

4) Ensure You Can Manage Payments

Make sure the down payment and monthly payments are within your budget. It’s better to negotiate terms that won’t strain your finances. A larger down payment might lower monthly costs, and extending the loan term can also help manage payments.

Alternative Financing Options

Whether you are buying your first tract of Texas land or are a seasoned Texas land investor, we have the beautiful acreage and financing options to make it possible for you to own land in Texas. It’s important to research and compare the different types of bank financing options to determine which one is right for you.

1) Bank

To qualify for bank financing the buyer will need good credit and good employment history. We have special relationships with our lenders. Contact us for a list of great lenders!

2) Rural Finance Agencies

These agencies are customer-owned cooperatives, providing financing to rural landowners, country homeowners, agricultural operators, and agribusiness firms throughout Texas.

3) Texas Veterans Land Loan

This option is offered to veterans who are residents of Texas. Click to learn more about the Texas Veteran Land Loan option.

Ready to find out more about our owner financing options?

Connect with us today, and we’ll guide you through each step towards owning your piece of Texas.