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Land for Sale for Our Texas Veterans

Are you a Texas Veteran? Contact Us to See What Land We Have Available for You


Texas Veterans… A Benefit Just For You

Are you a Texas Veteran dreaming of land ownership? Lonestar Land Sales offers unique finance options for Texas veterans. The Texas Veterans Land Board (TVLB) provides low-interest loans, exclusive to Texas veterans, making land purchases more accessible and affordable. Unlike traditional bank loans, TVLB loans offer favorable terms for veterans, including loans up to $150,000 at below-market rates.

Texas Veteran Loan Package – Your Path to Land Ownership

Learn more about the excellent financing available through TVLB. With loans up to $150,000 and down payments as low as 5%, compared to traditional bank requirements of 15-20%, our loan package is an attractive option. The current interest rate for Texas Veteran Loans is 6.95%*.

Understanding Land Eligibility

Our properties meet all requirements for the Texas Veterans Land loan. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The land must be entirely in Texas and at least 1 acre.
  • Ineligible areas include land under public roads, navigable waterways, or frequently inundated land.
  • The property must have legal access to a public road and not be zoned solely for commercial use.
  • You or your spouse must not have owned the land in the past three years.

For detailed land requirements, click here.

Veteran Criteria – Do You Qualify?

To be eligible for a Texas Veteran Land Loan, you must be a Texas resident over 18 years old. Plus, answer ‘yes’ to any of these:

  • Active duty military member?
  • Texas National Guard member?
  • Military reserve member with 20 qualifying years?
  • Veteran with no less than 90 days of active duty (or discharged due to service-connected reasons)?
  • Surviving spouse of a military member who is missing in action or whose death was service-related?

If you meet these criteria, you’re eligible for this loan. *Note: Eligibility, requirements, and interest rates may change, as dictated by the Texas Veteran Land Board.

How do I get started?

Begin your application by calling 1-800-252-8387 (VETS) or visit Texas VLB. Land loan processing times vary, but we’re here to help guide you through the process.



Ready to Find Your Land?

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