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The Texas land market is vibrant and dynamic, offering opportunities for a wide range of buyers. Whether you’re in the market for expansive ranches, quaint residential lots, or plots for commercial development, Texas offers a diversity that’s hard to find elsewhere. What makes this market particularly appealing is its variety in pricing.

Depending on the region, the cost per acre can vary significantly, making it essential for potential buyers to familiarize themselves with the average land prices across different areas. In some areas of Texas, you can find some of the cheapest land in the country, presenting a unique opportunity for those looking for an affordable entry point into land ownership. With the backdrop of economic growth and historically low interest rates, the timing couldn’t be better to consider an investment in Texas land.

At Lonestar Land Sales, we understand that owning a piece of Texas land isn’t just an overnight process. And it’s not just about finding a piece of land; it’s about discovering a place with potential for growth, whether as a long-term investment or a personal planned development. Given these factors, the Texas land market stands out as an attractive option for anyone looking to invest in real estate. The combination of affordability, diversity, and economic vitality makes now an ideal time to explore what Texas has to offer. Follow along with this article as we discuss just why right now is the perfect time to purchase a piece of Texas land.

Why buy land in Texas now?

Texas land, often overshadowed by the flashier real estate markets of California and New York, claims its unique position with unmatched affordability and versatility. This distinct charm sets it apart in the vast landscape of American real estate, offering an investment opportunity that marks Texas land as a category in its own right. Key types of Texas land include Ranches, Residential Lots, Commercial Acres, and Agricultural Fields, each known for their specific advantages.

Unimproved land in Texas also stands out, providing a blank canvas for investors and developers alike. Diving deeper, each type of Texas land showcases its own set of benefits, development potentials, historical significance, and recommendations for use. The following sections will explore these facets in detail, providing a deeper understanding of what makes buying land in Texas a strategic move for investors, families, and businesses worldwide.

1. Economic Growth Trends

The economic landscape of Texas is flourishing, marked by robust growth across a variety of sectors. This upward trend not only boosts the state’s overall economic health but also elevates the intrinsic value of land, making it a prime time for investment. Here are the key economic indicators for Texas in 2024:

  • GDP Growth Rate: The Texas economy grew at an annual rate of 5.0% in the fourth quarter of 2023, outpacing the national average. However, growth is expected to moderate in 2024, with projections indicating a rate closer to 2.0%​. This moderation is seen as a return to more sustainable growth levels after the post-pandemic boom.
  • Employment Rate: Texas will add approximately 284,000 jobs in 2024, a 2% increase from the previous year, aligning with pre-pandemic growth rates. This marks a slowdown from the 3.1% job growth seen in 2022​. The construction and energy sectors continue to post strong gains, while manufacturing job growth has slowed. The service sector, particularly healthcare and leisure and hospitality, remains robust.
  • Major Industries Growth:
    • Energy: The energy sector continues to be a bright spot, with production surpassing pre-pandemic levels and ongoing job additions. The rebound in the energy sector has been significant, with Texas oil and gas production hitting record levels in late 2023​​.
    • Technology: Despite some sector-specific challenges, such as layoffs in 2023, the tech industry remains a significant contributor to the state’s economy. Texas continues to attract tech companies and startups, bolstering its reputation as a growing tech hub.
    • Construction: Single-family home construction remains robust, although building permits have slightly decreased. Homebuilders are focusing on smaller, more affordable homes to cater to the demand for lower-cost housing options. Despite high interest rates, the construction sector is adapting by building more compact and cost-effective homes​​.

2. Long-term Investment Growth

The allure of Texas land as an investment lies in its long-term growth potential. With the state’s robust economic expansion, land values are poised for an upward trajectory. This growth spans across various regions, making an investment in Texas land a strategic move for those looking to capitalize on future returns. Historical data shows a consistent increase in land values, supported by the state’s economic stability and growth​.

Investing in Texas land now positions buyers to benefit from future appreciation. The state’s growing population and expanding industries are driving up demand for land, particularly in urban and suburban areas. As Texas continues to attract new residents and businesses, the demand for residential, commercial, and agricultural land is expected to rise, leading to higher land values over time. This makes land investment a lucrative opportunity for those seeking long-term returns.

3. Diverse Land Availability

Diverse land availability is a hallmark of the Texas real estate landscape. From fertile agricultural fields to bustling urban lots, Texas offers a broad spectrum of land options. This diversity ensures that every investor or buyer can find land that fits their specific needs, whether for commercial development, residential purposes, or agricultural use.

For investors, this diversity provides multiple avenues for profit. Agricultural land, for example, is in high demand due to the state’s strong agricultural industry. Residential lots near major cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston are highly sought after for development. Commercial land in these areas also offers significant potential for business growth and development. The wide range of land types available in Texas means that investors can diversify their portfolios and mitigate risks by investing in different types of properties.

4. Significant Tax Benefits

Significant tax benefits further enhance the attractiveness of purchasing land in Texas. These benefits, which can include reduced property taxes and exemptions, offer financial relief to landowners, lowering the overall cost of investment. Such incentives make the prospect of owning land in Texas not only more affordable but also more profitable in the long run​.

One of the key tax benefits is the agricultural exemption, which provides significant property tax reductions for land used for farming, ranching, or wildlife management. This exemption can make a substantial difference in the cost of holding land, especially for large tracts. Additionally, Texas does not have a state income tax, which further enhances the financial appeal of investing in land within the state. These tax advantages make Texas an attractive destination for investors looking to maximize their returns.


Investing in Texas land today is an opportunity ripe with potential, underscored by the state’s economic growth, diverse land availability, and favorable market conditions. The promise of long-term investment growth, alongside significant tax benefits, makes it an opportune time to explore what Texas has to offer. However, a successful purchase requires a careful approach, taking into account essential factors such as location, zoning, land use restrictions, environmental assessments, and legal status.

By addressing these considerations meticulously, investors can unlock the full benefits of land ownership in Texas, setting the stage for a prosperous venture in this dynamic and flourishing market.

Lonestar Land Sales

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